Sodo Crusade

What an incredible week! I have never seen God move as he did this week.

The week started well with teaching in the church, evangelism in the streets and prayer in orphanages. Whilst walking throughout the town, many of our flyers and banners had been ripped down. There was opposition to what we had come to do. As a result some were  thinking only a few thousand may attend the Crusade.

We were not deterred and continued the work the Lord laid out for us. We preached the Gospel every night and laid hands on the sick. We were told by the local chairman that many were crying in the stands as the Gospel was preached. It was touching so many lives. Hundreds came forward and fell face down on the grass. Many weeping as they committed their lives to Jesus. Mere words do not convey the scene and what many of us witnessed.

One particular night,  God started to heal people literally where they were standing. A young women came to the stage to testify that she felt a power go through her body. She was blind and God opened her eyes. Her friend came up and testified that she physically was her guide in bringing the blind women to the field. This precious women that received her sight could not stop weeping as she testified to all that were present. We were all in awe of what God had done! Another lady came as a last resort as she was told Jesus could heal her. She had a rare bone condition in her left leg. She was told it had to be amputated by the local hospital. Her mother encouraged her to come to the crusade. The power of the Holy Spirit hit her and she was completely healed. She was running and jumping around on the stage. God Saves, God Heals!

By the last night about 55000 packed the stadium to hear the Gospel. One of our most impactful weeks Sodo has ever had in the History of the town according to the Pastors. Approximately 1200 recorded salvations , many incredible verifiable miracles, blind eyes, deaf ears opening,legs healed, kidneys restored and many more. The night ended with us dancing on stage with our Ethiopian clothing gifts with thousands of others. There was so much joy. As we left the crusade grounds thousands filled the streets of Sodo singing “Jesus is Lord, The Gospel is Powerful”! May God receive ALL the credit and honour for what he has achieved this week. The town has been transformed! We are humbled and so grateful to represent him!

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