Asela Crusade – Ethiopia

Wow, what an amazing week. I have never been so COLD in Africa. It must have been about 10 degrees on the first two days. Even my crusade director, Pastor Maina had a  beanie and gloves on!

The Gospel was preached every night. It was wonderful to see so many people attend in a a town that has a very small percentage of Christians.

Over the week we had in excess of 300 salvations. To some it may not seem like much, but in a town that has a small number of Christians, it was a wonderful blessing to the body of Christ!

It never ceases to amaze me how God works. Before I left home, I had a an very clear dream about a little 5 year old African girl. In the dream there was a scene where I hugged her. She was crying and so was I.

Here is what is strange. One night at the crusade a little 5-6 year old girl arrives to the side of the platform. She is with her mum and small sister. Her mum explains that she has Epilepsy, can hardly see and never has been able to read. She is prayed over by Pastor Maina.

As I walked past her to go back onto the platform I noticed her. I mean…., I really noticed her. She seemed familiar. I had seen her before…..but where? I looked again, I saw her little hands shaking, tears in her eyes as she held a piece of paper. 

She started to read for the first time her life. She was healed! Her eyes were totally healed! Her epilepsy was healed! Her mum started to scream with joy and happiness!


We went to the local Jail to preach the Gospel.  Next to me sat a young man. He proceeded to tell me in broken English, he was in Jail for murdering his father. That was the start of my day preaching at the local Jail.

I preached a simple Gospel message. I shared about a man from the bible that killed innocent Christians. I asked, “Would God seek, forgive and use such a man?” As you all know, God did, his name was “Paul”. After hearing this message, men came forward and gave their life to Jesus. In fact, just over 100 did in two days of ministry at the Jail.

What was amazing about this, wasn’t how they responded, it was how God responded. As Dan Cole, Pastor Samson and I laid hands on these men, something happened that surprised me. These hardened men were touched by something they could not explain.

Each man that was prayed for started to cry. It was like God lavished his love upon these men in a way I have never seen before. Regardless of their crimes, God breathed upon them, touched them and embraced each one of them.

One older man was blind in one eye. God instantly healed him. At that point he wanted to know Jesus. The other inmates seemed to be in shock. They had never experienced or seen a God before that loved like this before.

This ministry time with these men really affected me. I realised that no matter what our background, race or religion, God passionately seeks each one of us with an undying love!

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