Harar Crusade – Ethiopia

Harar is a town that is cemented in tradition and history. The religious affiliations of the town are such that, only a very small % are Christian, with the balance mainly Islam. No-one really knew what to expect as a public crusade gathering proclaiming Jesus could bring some tension.

With security in place, the stage, speakers and ushers ready to go, we built an 8 meter high cross and had it positioned next to the platform.

What a glorious site that was each night as the Gospel was preached. What was even more incredible was to see how powerfully the Holy Spirit moved on these people. Yes, there were many miracles, but to see a persons live change from one of darkness into light, was incredible.

One particular night a man was touched powerfully by the Holy Spirit. He got up off the ground & ran to the stage. He told them that he used to be of another religion, but for the first time in his life he felt an incredible peace. For me that is the greatest miracle to celebrate, that our names are written in the lambs book of life!

At the end of each night, thousands poured into the streets of Harar, singing and praising God. The site and sound of this outpouring to God was a miracle in itself, in a town where such a thing is never seen!

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