Arba Minch

This was an incredible week preaching in the churches, the crusade field and in the streets. It was wonderful to see the power of the Gospel at work as on average 30 to 40 thousand people attended the crusade ground every night. God took centre stage and did a very powerful work in this town.

A young 10 year old girl could not walk properly! It was almost like she had deformed legs, but God instantly healed her! All Glory to God!

A lady was in her home near the crusade field when she heard over the speakers the prayer for healing! At that exact moment she felt extreme heat in her body and her stomach tumour disappeared! She came to the crusade field and celebrated by giving her testimony! The people celebrated with much praise!

Another lady was shopping for food at the local market where she heard the prayer for healing over the loud speakers! Instantly she felt a strong sensation of warmth all over her body and was instantly healed of tuberculosis! She also found her way to the crusade field and testified!

All these miracles signs and wonders were confirmed after the preaching of the Gospel! The biggest miracle of these Crusades were the people that surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. There were well over 1000 decisions made for Jesus Christ. Like many towns we have visited before, we believe his revival work will continue and many more will enter the Kingdom of God and be further discipled in their journey!

May all Glory go to our Father! He deserves every single bit of credit, Glory and Honour for the work he has done and is doing! You are my Lord and Saviour and I love you. As a result of the crusade, University students and the youth group in the churches keep preaching the Gospel in the street after every 15 days. Reason being that they really got motivated by the crusade and conferences held with Soul Focus Ministries.

One of the local churches is growing very fast and expand their churches hall again. They have enlarged their church to hold 3,000 people. This church is full every Sunday church and also in the mid week services! As a result other churches are now being planted and God is doing a wonderful work.

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