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We are passionate about showing the world a God that loves them.  This is NOT about a religion, this is about a relationship with a God that loves us, so we can love others. This is what drives us to preach a Gospel. Whether this be to the one or to the thousands that attend our crusades, the principle remains the same. God pursues the one with all his heart.



At a recent crusade, a small boy called Adita (like the one in the picture), pushed his way through thousands, determined to get to the front of the stage. I (David Leslie)  saw him looking up at me. He looked desperate.  I picked him up. As we hugged I could feel his chest heaving against mine as he cried. He was overwhelmed. Tears ran down his cheeks onto my coat. I could feel his little hands on my back. He didn’t want to let go! I slowly peeled him off me and asked my interpreter Samson, to find out what was going on. Adita said he never knew his father, his mum died when he was young. He was an orphan living on the streets. He said he was crying soo much because he had never been hugged in his life. He had never been embraced and loved by anyone, especially not a father figure.

I told him I loved him soo much, but there was another Father that loved him as well. He said he wanted to meet him. I asked him to follow me in a simple prayer.  I said there was a father in heaven that loved him so much he sacrificed his son so we could know this Father.  He choked up. Tears were running freely down his face as he tried to get his prayer out. At that point I had tears streaming down my face. Adita was s so overwhelmed that there was a father in heaven that would do that for him.

After the crusade he was taken in by the local Pastors, given food, shelter, a family and schooling.This is our heart! To bring the LOVE of Jesus to a hurt and broken world! At every crusade their are thousands of people just like Adita searching for the truth. When they find it there lives are radically changed.


We believe God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Many people doubt we have a God that can heal, but we have seen with our own eyes the power of a healing God. Skeptics are turned into believers when they hear and see God heal and the good news is, "It Has Nothing to do with Me"(see video).

One particular crusade in Butajera, Ethiopia was memorable. A lady arrived at the crusade just after it ended. She lay in front of the stage on the grass, motionless. Hands were laid upon her, she got up and walked off feeling much better. The next night we asked for people to come forward and give testimony of any healing. A man walks to the stage with this same young lady. He said "I am the father and this is my young daughter. Last night we were at a local hospital about 30 minutes from the crusade ground. We were told by the doctors that my daughter only had hours to live. Rather than take her home to die, we brought her to the crusade as we heard Jesus was healing people. Jesus was our last hope. We lay my daughter on the grass in front of the stage. She was prayed for. She got up and was completely healed. We took her back to our town. Our relatives and friends were preparing for her death. Instead, was more alive than ever. This was a miracle!"

As a result of this one testimony, many believed and a new church was planted in there town. The church is still going strong today.  This is the power of a saving and healing God!


During the crusades services, teachings are presented on the Holy Spirit and evangelism. Believers are prayed for and baptised with the Holy Spirit to take the Gospel into all the Nations.

In 2012 in Uganda I remember praying for a young man that had a passion to be an Evangelist. He had a dream to take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth. Something was birthed in him this particular night. This man has now taken to the Gospel to Africa and beyond. On one particular occasion he preached to 250,000 people. Something happens when the Holy Spirit invades ones life.