Mitiyana Crusade – Uganda

Mityana is a town 77km west of the capital, Kampala in Uganda. This was an incredible week where God unified the body of Christ through the Pastors and Leaders Conference and brought about salvations and healings to the town of Mityana through the open air crusade. Each night the Gospel was proclaimed in a simple yet powerful way. As the Gospel was preached it was simultaneously aired on national radio to approximately 6 million people. The Gospel never fails and night after night, people came forward to say “Yes to Jesus”. Signs and wonders followed the preaching of the gospel. An 11 year old boy that had been blind since birth received his site, deaf people heard, a young mute girl received her miracle of speech and hearing withing minutes of being prayed for! The first word she uttered was “Jesus”. The Holy spirit descended on the Crusade field and many received the Gift of the Holy Spirit! This was the power of Jesus at work in the lives of many. May ALL Glory go to God for the work that has been done!

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