Kivaa Crusade – Kenya

In the first picture below, you can see people with their hands lifted high about to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit fell not only for the night of the baptism, but every other night.

The signs and wonders that followed the preaching of the Gospel was so humbling to see. Every night the holy spirit decided to do his work and all Glory went to God. A lady that could hardly walk found her way to the crusade. She was in terrible pain. Every step seemed like a huge effort as she propped herself up with her walking stick. Soon after prayer she had let go of her walking stick and was now supported by the arms of Jesus as she freely walked!

A mute boy from birth spoke for the first time in his life, arthritic pain disappeared, people oppressed by demonic spirits were set free, stomach, head and back pain all went in the name of Jesus. There are too many miracles to list, but Gods Glory was present as he changed lives!

Whilst it was only a small town of about 2000, 300+ people made decisions for Jesus Christ. Gods breath was all over it. The body of Christ was greatly encouraged with new converts coming to church for the first time on the last Sunday of the crusade.

On the last night of the crusade, I stood in an empty crusade field after people had left. A song by Mercyme was playing over the loud speakers. The line in the song was “should I dance for you Jesus or be in awe of you and be still”. That could not sum up the two weeks in a better way. I was in awe of what Jesus had done! I stood their with tears in my eyes at the honour and privilege of representing Jesus Christ! May all Glory go to GOD!

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