Butajera – Ethiopia

The bible says “Nothing is Impossible with God”. I had heard that preached and quoted so many times. Whilst hearing it, sometimes I have doubted it. I have thought to myself, “Can God REALLY do the impossible in this situation?” Well, that exactly what he did in this town. He did the impossible in many peoples lives as he showed his Grace, Love and Power to all that attended.

A lady travelled 50km to the crusade field after being discharged from hospital. She was that sick that the town where she lived had prepared a grave for her. She came desperate for a miracle.Jesus touched her. She was instantly healed. She returned to her town. Many were shocked, amazed and astonished at how she had returned to the town alive and not dead. She share with them that the Jesus healed her. This touched many people.

A lady who had been totally deaf for 10 years, testified on stage with her daughter that she could hear and was totally healed. A small boys mum testified that her son was totally healed of Hepatitis B!

A mum testified of an incredible miracle with her son. His whole body and head was swollen from a liver condition! He was unable to do anything! Even his eyes had been badly affected! His mum had him booked in for an operation in hospital, but now it was cancelled as her boy was totally healed! She said for the first time in a long time her boy played with the other kids!

A lady who had a heart condition with the left side of her body in total pain, was healed! Another women had an abdominal tumour! It had been recently operated on but she has had constant bleeding (like the women from the bible). After prayer she was instantly healed!

Whilst the signs, wonders and miracles were incredible, what was most important was the salvations. As a result of the crusade a Full Gospel church has started.

The pastors and evangelists were motivated by the ministers conference and the crusade and now they have monthly street and market outreaches.

The churches in the town are recording fast growth since the Crusade was held. They are saying that an average of 15 people are making decisions for Christ every week in each of the 7 churches since the crusade. All Glory to GOD!

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